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Lean & Fit shakes feature a protein-rich Whey Isolate, which helps to build and preserve lean muscle tone. These shakes are also incredibly fiber-rich, which is useful for weight loss. Plus, health experts recommend a high-fiber diet to help defend against colon cancer and other diseases. In fact, these shakes actually contain more fiber compared to many breakfast cereals!

Lean & Fit multi-functional low carb shakes are effective meal replacements, as well as the perfect snack for those times when you need a nutritious "pick-me-up."


Lose weight in a week


It’s simple. If you want to lose weight in a week, Lean and Fit is one of the best weight loss supplements because it’s a healthy way to get rapid weight loss. You’ll lose fat and inches but keep muscle; get lots of vitamins and fiber; and boost your cardio and immune system too. Have a shake as a lunch meal replacer, or mid-afternoon snack. Spoon some onto yogurt or some steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and this lo-cal, non-fat, gluten free, lactose-free protein, loaded with fiber and 50 percent RDA of vitamins and minerals, will ONLY feed your muscles, not your fat cells. The flavors are amazing, giving a treat to your 5000 -10,000 (depending on your age) taste buds, and this protein WILL keep you feeling full longer. Celebs are using it to hold down the munchies, why can’t you? Be smart and lose weight now. Release a force of both amino acids and natural bio active peptides to strengthen and tone your lean muscle; speed muscle recovery; pump up your energy; and reduce your body fat, while pulling down your blood pressure and giving a healthy boost to your immune system too!!! So stop feeling plumped and start feeling pumped!!! Use Lean and fit as one of your weight loss supplements and get rapid weight loss. You’ll lose weight in a week!


Rapid weight loss


Everybody has the same number of muscles and fat cells from adolescence ‘til old age. Gaining weight means increasing the size of fat globules within the fat cells and swelling them up, so to lose fat and inches means shrinking swollen fat cells, not getting rid of them. Keeping lean muscle, for a more fit you, means nourishing and increasing the size of existing muscles, not getting new ones. That’s the science of it. Our Lean and fit protein isolate, milk’s sophisticated cousin, will nourish muscles, not fat cells; keep you feeling full longer; and offer an unmatched health boost to your cardio and immune systems too. It’s the right diet fit when nothing is fitting right!!


Lean & Fit 2lb
Lean & Fit 5lb
Lean & Fit2lb
Nutrition Facts
Lean & Fit 5lb
Lean & Fit5lb - Nutrition facts
Nutrition Facts
Lean & Fit2lb - Nutrition facts
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Lean & Fit 2lb - Nutrition facts
Lean & Fit 5lb - Nutrition facts


Lean & Fit 1lb
Lean & Fit 1lb - Nutrition facts
Lean & Fit 1lb - Nutrition facts
Nutrition Facts
Lean & Fit 1lb
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