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Whey Protein Isolate Is A Must-have Supplement
To support your goals and assist you with getting the most from your workouts, regular protein supplementation throughout the day can result in many performance advantages. It may also improve your overall health with improved immune function and all day energy.

There Is A Protein Powder For Everyone
If you want to improve your health and fitness – the best protein powder can help! Whey Protein Isolate provides the body with essential nutrients called amino acids that are used for building muscle. While both carbohydrates and fats can vary from diet to diet, protein is one nutrient that should remain constant. The benefits are vast! Whey Protein Isolate may help promote the following:

Gain Weight - Facilitates muscle recovery translating to overall strength and growth improvements
Protein is needed by the body in abundant amounts to feed your muscles and induce muscle growth. It breaks down into its smaller parts (amino acids) and acts in the body to repair, replenish, and sustain muscle. Without protein the body cannot function and grow adequately. Whey Protein Isolate from ProteinCo Canada can act quickly to target your muscles to replenish protein stores, giving the muscles the nutrients they need to repair and function normally. Due to its high bioavailability our Canadian isolate protein can get into the body quickly at times such as post workout, drastically increasing protein synthesis levels improving muscle growth. Simply put, your muscles need protein to grow and sustain themselves and our Whey Protein Isolate has the ability to more quickly and efficiently utilize protein than most foods due to it being predigested and broken down. Without adequate protein muscle building cannot occur and you will most likely end up losing muscle and mass.

Lean Muscle - Pure protein means pure lean muscle growth
Consuming a ZERO fat protein supplement such as Whey Protein Isolate from ProteinCo Canada can help you develop muscle without fat and cholesterol as fillers. When you desire to have lean, toned muscles, we suggest at least 2-3 servings daily of our Canadian protein powder to assist you with achieving this goal.

Lose Fat - Assisting with your low fat diet goals
Are you looking to lose some excess body fat while toning your body and working to be more fit? Whey Protein Isolate contributes to fat loss in many ways. Utilizing it as a meal replacement or snack, it's a protein and calorie source void of unwanted fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol. A high protein diet will contribute to weight loss by keeping fat intake lower and developing lean muscle which has been shown to increase metabolism.

Fitness - Increases strength and endurance improving overall fitness
By consuming fast acting and rapidly absorbed whey isolate, you are giving your body more of what it needs to stay strong and healthy. When you have all the calories and nutrients you need, you'll have more energy to engage in active lifestyle pursuits keeping you more fit, healthy and happy.

Energy - Contributes to consistent energy levels all day
Consuming too many carbohydrates for one, contributes to energy spikes and crashes. Supplementing your diet with small, regular doses of protein means you will be more likely to have consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Active Lifestyle - Enhances overall health and well being
Whey Protein Isolate can be taken by any individual looking to increase the ratio of protein in their diet. You do not need to weight train or undergo physical exercise to reap the benefits of a high protein meal. People who have a hard time consuming meats and fish, who need a quick healthy meal on the go, or have muscle degeneration, can benefit from protein supplementation. .





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