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Sports Recovery Drink


RejuveniX 41 is the smart choice for athletes who want a pleasant tasting, cutting edge recovery drink to instantly repair, re-fuel, and replenish after intense workouts. An Ivy League conditioning coach worked with a food scientist here at All the Whey to design what they thought would be the ideal, primo recovery drink. RejuveniX41 is the formula they came up with to completely restore and reset athletic power. Our rejuvenix recovery drink both stimulates and provides needed nutrient replenishment from both protein synthesis and protein delivery. All the Whey rejuvenix recovery drink also provides support for adrenal functions – and it does all of this while you’re resting. New research confirms that a protein-carbohydrate combination in a supplement is the sure way to both optimal recovery and the very best muscle building after intense workouts. You can rely on the power of 35 grams of the finest quality whey protein isolate and 22 grams of carbs in our RejuveniX41. This ideal ratio makes rejuvenix the most desirable recovery drink there is to boost muscle mass and decrease soreness; to boost your endurance and overall strength - no matter how intense your workouts are! Try either size of this amazing recovery drink. You’ll see it’s the best recovery drink there is to quickly restore that competitive edge. Rejuvenix41 will do its work while you rest!


Preventing Muscle Fatigue

RejuveniX 41 is for anyone who's had muscle fatigue after intense work outs, and wants to replenish, restore and repair muscles for faster recovery, and ready strength for the next challenge.

Exercise’s real gains come during recovery, but only if you rest and get effective nutritional replenishment. RejuveniX 41 has a total of 11 different, carefully chosen ingredients to re-energize, re-fuel, and totally restore your body, while diminishing muscle fatigue and soreness. Let RejuveniX41 be the recovery drink that supplies your body with all the key ingredients that are necessary for sure fire muscle growth and much less muscle damage. It's the only recovery drink of its kind, and it’ll give you the kind of recovery you want

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Rejuvenix 3.3lb
Rejuvenix 3.3lb
Nutrition Facts
Rejuvenix - Nutrition facts

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35 grams of protein isolate
41 grams of Amino acids
22 grams of carbs
3000 mg of creatine monohydrate
950 mg of Taurine
Perfect power ratio of electrolytes and Vitamin E
8 gm L-Glutamine
Time tested, safe formula for quick results
Flavors - Orange

Pure  Isolates  Available  in Fitness  Industry..

        One of the Biggest Protein  Manufacturer of U.S.A estd. since 1940..

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